KH04 Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure (Gas Group - IIA, IIB)
KH93 Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure (Gas Group - IIA, IIB)
KH98-IIC Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure Gas Group - IIC)
KH95 Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
KHWP98-IIC Flameproof Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper (Gas Group-IIC)
KH05 Flameproof Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper
KPT95 Flameproof Pan & Tilt Head (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
KPT98-IIC Flameproof Pan & Tilt Head (Gas Group-IIC)
JB2000 Flameproof Junction Box (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
JB2000-IIC Flameproof Junction Box (Gas Group-IIC)
KDC-06 Flameproof Dome Camera Enclosure (Gas Group-IIA,IIB)
KDC06-1 Flameproof Dome Camera Enclosure

Closed Circuit Television Systems, popularly known as CCTV systems are widely used in almost all the industries for various purposes. These CCTV systems are common in nature as far as their installation is concerned except in potentially Hazardous Areas. It has proved beyond doubt that the CCTV systems play vital role in the safety, process control, overall supervision, watch & ward etc; and as per any individual's intention or liking.

There are various types of CCTV systems ranging from simple monitoring to recording the events for a number of days from minute to minute as per the set-up for a wide range of cameras. The information so available is effectively used in diagnosing the itching problems.

However, in potentially hazardous areas, normal CCTV Systems cannot be used without protection. The equipments, like CCTV camera, Zoom Lenses, Pan & Tilt Head (Scanners), Monitors etc; are required to be enclosed in a Explosion proof, Flameproof Enclosures which are Weatherproof too. For this, site conditions and potentially hazardous Zones predominantly come in the picture while selecting the equipment. It is possible to select proper system to monitor each and every site of the above referred Plants or Establishments. During last two decades or so, we have designed the equipment for utilizing them in Zone-1 and Zone-2 for Gas Group-I , IIA, IIB & IIC. The equipments have been supplied and successfully installed in Refineries, Petro Chemical Plants and Defence establishments. The Flameproof, Explosion proof Enclosures for the CCTV equipments for the Hazardous Areas are custom built and number of Accessories can be added depending upon site requirements. Monitoring of various areas which are inaccessible to persons during the actual operation of the plant or where it is not possible to depute a personnel for getting on the spot information which is vital, CCTV systems are quite useful.

Flame proof, Explosion proof, CCTV system equipments are designed and manufactured as per IS/IEC 60079-1(2007) for Zone 1 & Zone 2 for Gas Group I, IIA, IIB and Group IIC. These equipments are with weather proof protection as per IS/IEC:60529 (2001).

The Equipments have been Tested and Certified by KLPL for Flameproof, Explosion proof and Weatherproof construction as per Indian Standards mentioned above. The Equipments are also certified and approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI Mark). The equipments have approvals from CCOE(PESO) (Chief Controllers of Explosives, Nagpur).


In Steel and cement plants, CCTV system needs special attention to the enclosures in which CCTV cameras are designed because of generation of high temperature of the processes involved. This refers to Slab Caster Bloom Caster and Furnaces. The CCTV systems have proved quite useful in these manufacturing shops in a number of ways. In Chemical Plants too, where the temperature is above normal, it is advisable to use water cooling jackets (WCJ). These WCJs not only maintain healthy temperature surrounding the camera. Which is enclosed in the WCJ, but also protects from any chemical reaction arising out of manufacturing processes.

Certification by: KLPL, BIS (ISI-MARK), (CCOE), ISO 9001:2008
KLPL-Karandikar Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
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