KH04 Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure (Gas Group - IIA, IIB)
KH93 Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure (Gas Group - IIA, IIB)
KH98-IIC Flameproof CCTV Camera Enclosure Gas Group - IIC)
KH95 Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
KHWP98-IIC Flameproof Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper (Gas Group-IIC)
KH05 Flameproof Camera CCTV Enclosure with Wiper
KPT95 Flameproof Pan & Tilt Head (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
KPT98-IIC Flameproof Pan & Tilt Head (Gas Group-IIC)
JB2000 Flameproof Junction Box (Gas Group-IIA, IIB)
JB2000-IIC Flameproof Junction Box (Gas Group-IIC)
KDC-06 Flameproof Dome Camera Enclosure (Gas Group-IIA,IIB)
KDC06-1 Flameproof Dome Camera Enclosure

Flameproof, Weatherproof Enclosure for CCTV Camera and Lens
Model : KH93

Cat No. KK/CCTV/A/101
Type No. KK/FPH
Drg No. CCTV/101/A




IS/IEC 60079-0 : 2004
IS/IEC 60079-1 : 2007
IS/IEC 60529 : 2001

The Flameproof cum weatherproof Enclosure is used for CCTV Camera & Lens in potentially hazardous area Zone -2 where hazardous Gases under Gas Group- IIA and IIB are present.

Heater Blower kit can be provided inside the enclosure to get rid of opaqueness of the front window glass during winter season due to mist and fog.

Suitable for hazardous areas where fixed area monitoring is required without movement of camera and lens.


Material used for Construction: LM-6- Aluminium Alloy Casting.

Length 662 mm
Rear Flange 275 mm
Front Flange 150 mm
Weight 24 Kg
Finish Off/Diamond White

Certifications by :

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